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Member Profile – Mark Reisinger – getWebby Marketing

Mark is owner/partner of several independent  businesses including WebZulu and The Cairns Hub and a contractor for GetWebby Marketing

getwebby Cairns

Let’s find out a bit more about Mark and his involvement in the group…

What was your first full time job?

My first job was with the National Australia Bank where I started in the ledger department which was interesting considering I had no idea what a ledger was.

To get me up to speed, one of the senior tellers sent me across the road to the Commonwealth Bank on the opposite corner to ask if I could borrow a set of scales to “balance the ledger”. Would have made some pretty good YouTube footage has smartphones been around then.

What's your best bit of business advice?

Take the time to identify and get to know your target audience. Everything you do from a marketing point of view from that point is a flow-on as it dictates the shape of your content creation and the channels though which you distribute it

What's the number one question you get asked in your business?

“What does a website cost to build?”
The easiest way for me to answer that is with a question so I’ll usually ask “How much does a car cost?” and the response is usually along the lines of “What sort of car?
Websites are kind of like cars. The cost varies greatly because it depends on what you need it do and the exterior can often hide what is under the bonnet in way of power and efficiency.
You want custom, well be prepared to pay for that. If you’re happy with an assembly line standard issue, then the cost can be very reasonable.

What's your favourite quote?

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that’s why it is called the present.”

Don’t know who originally wrote it but I’ve borrowed it from the turtle in Kung Fu Panda !

What are you most proudest of in your work life?

Making the leap of faith from employee to business owner.

There’s been several times I’ve questioned my sanity about taking that step over the years but there’s something powerfully rewarding about being in charge of your own destiny that only comes when you’ve got everything on the line.

What attracted you to the F4BG Group?

I was originally approached by the group with an offer to become the site’s webmaster.
Working in the background as a “silent” member due to not being able to attend mornings meetings, I took a more active role when the group moved to lunch meetings.
I personally like the lower frequencies of meetings, the informality of the group and the quality of guest speakers coming through.

What do you see as the greatest opportunity for Cairns?

I see Cairns as the perfect breeding ground for small business. It has a large enough diversity and customer base to get some early momentum but is small enough to network and build relationships.

There is wonderful opportunities to promote the region as a premier place to relocate to for tech and innovation.

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